Power Supply

18V DC central power supply


Video Monitor

Video Music Master 5.6 Inch  TFT LCD

Video Room 4 inch TFT LCD


Door Release

12V DC , max current of 1A for 5 seconds



Non-Video  - 6 wires,  Video  -  6 wires + coax

Cat 5 cable recommended



Up to 100m between units


Max no of units

Master  -  1  (optional)

Video Rooms  -  3 (if Video Music Master is used)

                          - 4 (if no Video Music Master)

Video Door units  -  1

Note: Can support 2 Video Door Units if optional switch added to all video monitors with separate coax runs for reach camera)

Audio Room units / or Audio Door units  -  No limit


Cutouts  (mm)

Audio/Video Music Master: 180 H x 205 W

Medium Rooms/Doors: 95 H x 205 W

Small Rooms/Doors: 92 H x 152 W



Audio/Video Music Master: 218 H x 260 W

Medium Rooms/Doors: 135 H x 260 W

Medium Metal Doors: 140mm H x 260 W

Small Rooms/Doors:  115 H x 175 W

Small Metal Doors:  120 H X 195 W

200S Series Specifications