DJ 500 & 1000 Series

The DJ 500 & 1000 series allows selective calling from any room to any room.  It also allows Audio monitoring of multiple rooms from any room.  The DJ500 supports 8 unique room/door addresses and the DJ1000 supports 16 unique addresses.   In addition the DJ1000 supports two simultaneous calls and voice activated monitoring.

Just like the 200S series, video and audio units can be mixed and matched.


Simply choose which system components you want from the list below.

DJ 500 or 1000  Door Units - Video or Audio

Stainless Steel (video version shown)

23 Carat Gold Plated 


White (Audio Only)

Ivory (Audio Only)

DJ 500 Room Units

DJ 500 Video Room - (white only) 

DJ 500 Audio Room - White (also avail in ivory)

DJ 1000 Room Units

DJ 1000 Video Room - (white only) 

DJ 1000 Audio Room - White (also avail in ivory)

DJ Music Master Units (compatible with both DJ 500 & DJ 1000 systems)

DJ Video Music Master - (White Only)

 Optional Bluetooth

DJ Audio Music Master - White (also avail in ivory) 

 Optional Bluetooth