Power Supply

18V DC central power supply


Video Monitor

Video Music Master 5.6 Inch  TFT LCD

Video Room 4 inch TFT LCD


Door Release

12V DC , max current of 1A for 5 seconds



DJ500: Non-Video  - 8 wires, Video  - add coax

Cat 5/6 cable recommended

DJ1000: Non-Video—10 wires, Video—add coax

Cat 5/6 cable and figure 8 recommended



Up to 100m between units


Max no of units

Master  -  1  (optional)

Video Rooms  -  3 (if Video Music Master is used)

                          - 4 (if no Video Music Master)

Video Door units  -  1

Note: Can support 2 Video door units  with either option below:

A) Optional switch added to all video monitors with separate coax run for each camera

B) Optional “Cam power when needed” module added to each Video door unit.  No additional coax needed.


Audio Room or Door units:

        DJ500 system   - 8

        DJ1000 system - 16

Note: more audio room  or door units can be added if numbering is duplicated, e.g. Master BR and en suite could have the same number allocated.


Cutouts  (mm)

Audio/Video Music Master: 180 H x 205 W

Room/Door units: 95 H x 205 W


Dimensions (mm)

Audio/Video Music Master: 218 H x 260 W

Room/Door units in white or ivory: 135 H x 260 W

Metallic Door units: 140mm H x 260W

DJ Series Specifications